2011 Retreats : Empowerment Means Telling My Own Story


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

(Maya Angelou)

Our stories are the things that anchor us…

They connect us to our past, as well as to those around us. And it is our story that prepares us for and propels us into our future.

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break-out workshop sessions!

But what happens when we are not the author of our own story?

Inhabiting someone else‘s story about us – whether it‘s a personal or professional story; about us as an individual or our identities as Afro-European women – is like catching a glimpse of ourselves in a funhouse mirror. Everything may seem familiar, but also foreign and distorted. Every thought we have and action we take based on that „outside story“ leads us off track instead of closer to our authentic goal.

Attending this retreat will make you a part of an active, ever-growing movement to:

  • Take control of the collective narrative surrounding women of African descent living and working in Europe!
  • Raise (your!) awareness of the way our collective and individual stories impact our lives!
  • Gain a renewed sense of self-determination as you consciously shape your own life!

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That‘s because someone else‘s story always reflects their agenda, never our own.

Before we can successfully tell our own stories, we have togive ourselves permission to face them. That‘s what the Uncaged Bird™ retreats are all about. In the company of no more than nine (9) supportive women and with three (3) coaches at your side, you experience what it’s like when we take back our power and untangle the threads of our different stories: individually and collectively!

Trina Roach (USA/Germany)

Hostess, moderator and facilitator for your journey to your authentic professional story!

By working with Trina to untangle the threads of your professional story you can successfully:

  • ​Overcome blockades in your career or business that keep your stagnant and frustrated!
  • Gain new clarity regarding to your dream vocation – and avocation(s) that bring your joy!
  • Reclaim ownership of your own professional narrative in the work-/marketplace!

Lillian Ogbogoh (UK/Nigeria)

Facilitator for deconstructing and re-weaving the threads of your personal stories!

Together with Lillian, you:

  • Untangle the story of you away from your ancestral stories of who you think you are!
  • Learn to rewrite your story to unwire the past and create your today in the most empowered version of you
  • As a result – Cultivate the ability to change the quality of your relationships without nagging, threatening, or pleading!



Jemitra Hairston (USA/Netherlands)

Facilitating stories surrounding your myths of self-care

Join Jemitra, so you can:

  • Have easier access to radiant health!
  • Replenish your deep well of nourishment, so you have the energy and drive you need in your daily lives!
  • As a result: Think more clearly and pull yourself out of the inevitable ruts.

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By registering to attend this experiential event, you will receive the following:

  • Media-rich documentation of the milestones of the retreat (incl. pictures, sound bytes, recipes and more)!
  • Individualized worksheets and insightful checklists from each of the three (3) break-out sessions you attend!
  • A personalized affirmation as a reminder and touchstone for your unique retreat experience
  • A self-care goodie bag that includes resources and gifts designed to help you establish self-care firmly in your life
  • A Story Box so you can rewriting “The Story of You”

Re-weave your seemingly separate stories into the fabric of which your future will be made!

The Uncaged Bird™ Retreat Package covers the cost of:

  • all activities that are part of the actual coaching encounters
  • two overnights (in double rooms*) in a restored rustic vacation house
  • all meals and snacks

Let Trina, Lillian and Jemitra tell you why

stories and storytelling resonate with them so strongly!

The planned venue for this retreat is a refurbished vacation house originally built in the 1700′s located in the heart of Germany’s picturesque Sauerland district. The location offers us the privacy we need to both relax and open up, as well as access to breath-taking countryside at our doorstep for walks and (weather permitting) other outdoor activities!

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“Every one of us is a wonder. Every one of us has a story”

(Kristin Hunter)

We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing your story!

Trina, Lillian and Jemitra

P.S.: As a special bonus, three women will also receive one of the following:

  • “Dispell Disbelief” : A  powerful 2-session (4 hrs.) intensive coaching program with 4-week online support to help you better understand and proactively “edit” your own professional story – Value € 495
  • “Retelling t​he Story of You” : A 6 session (6 hrs) coaching program to recreate the aspect of your personal story that has been keeping you from stepping into your greatest potential! Helping you to find your own personal shero and wise woman – Value € 411
  • “A traditional Thai massage”:  This full body massage will last for 1.5 to 2 hours to soothe your body, calm your mind and relax your soul – Value € 95.

*Depending on the number of participants, any requests for single rooms will be honored on a “first-come, first-serve” basis for an additional fee.

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