My Voice. My Stance. My Story. (I + II)

A Woman’s Journey to Her Authentic Presentation Personality™

This workshop was created to support professional women of African descent acknowledge and transform both their attitude and performance while giving business presentations.  This experiential training event gives you the opportunity to practice better anchoring yourself and to more effectively apply essential professional communications competencies that help lift your self-confidence.

My Voice. Do you have trouble finding – and utilizing – your voice during a presentation, and end up speaking too softly, shrilly or monotonously? By shying away from emphatically vocalizing your thoughts and ideas, you are robbing them of the power they need to really target your message by getting under your audience’s skin!

My Stance. Do you feel insecure and self-conscious standing in front of an audience, or hesitant to take up more space in a meeting or presentation than absolutely necessary? By learning to make a firm stand (both literally and figuratively!) in the front of the room and claiming the space you need, you enhance your natural presence and keep your audience – and yourself! – energized, engaged and focused while you speak!

My Story. Are you reluctant to ‘get off script’ when you are presenting, sticking instead to the text on your charts word-for-word, line-by-line? If so, you are missing an important opportunity to infuse your research results, ideas and recommendations with the relevant professional stories that transform them from abstract theory into tangible – and actionable – business practice.

In this workshop you – and no more than seven other women – receive the support and guidance of an internationally experienced and award-winning presenter and skilled communications trainer. Working both as part of a group and individually,  you will (re-)discover and exercise your own strengths as a powerful and compelling presenter and speaker!

Part I

This 1-day workshop is designed for presentation beginners who want to practice speaking confidently in front of an audience, as well as receive insight into the basics of current communication theory.

Part II

This 2-day workshop is designed for experienced presenters who are eager to take their presentation style to the next level by further enhancing their own rhetorical skills, as well as their presentation format and design.


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