Total Immersion Coaching

  • Do you have a distinct feeling of professional unrest, and need support discovering the next step on your authentic career path?
  • Do you already have your Next Professional Milestone™ in your sights, but aren’t quite sure how to go after it most effectively and efficiently?
  • Are you finding it difficult to clearly define the professional and personal priorities in your life, much less actually balancing the two?

Total Immersion Coaching…

…was especially developed for people like you – business professionals eager to overcome a period of stagnation and frustration, and gain new clarity on important challenges that directly impact their lives and careers.

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Total Immersion Coaching…

…provides you with an opportunity to work intensively on – and through – pivotal professional issues. With the guidance and support of an experienced coach working exclusively with you over a period of 48 hours*,  you

  • Identify the underlying values and key beliefs that have accompanied you throughout you life and impact your career
  • Define and frame the core question/issue you are facing
  • Explore how your core values and key beliefs have negatively impacted your efforts to successfully deal with the issue to date (and similar issues in the past)
  • Pinpoint your personal “Optimal Outcome”
  • Map out the steps and milestones leading from your present situation to achieving your personal Optimal Outcome

The initial Threshold Session takes place approximately one month before the beginning of the Total Immersion Coaching.

Total Immersion…

…itselfs begins with an informal on-boarding session on the evening of your arrival.

Three intensive individual coaching session totalling 9 hours are scheduled over the course of the next 1 ½ days.

These intensive sessions with your coach are supplemented by periods for rest and personal reflection that can include meditation, a contemplative walk through nature, journalling or spa activities scheduled at nearby venues.

Two scheduled de-briefings with your coach ensure that you and your coach remain focussed on your objectives throughout the sessions, and have a clearly formulated LifePrint to support you in the weeks and months following this intensive coaching experience.

“…If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude…”

Maya Angelou

Three additional one hour coaching sessions – scheduled approximately 3, 6 and 9 months after your Total Immersion Coaching supplemented by monthly coaching focus letters, guarantee you regular opportunities to assess your progress with your coach as your continued accountability partner, and ensure you the neutral support and motivation you need to remain on track.

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Total Immersion Coaching encompasses

  • An approximately 1 1/2 hour Threshold Coaching Session (one month before Total Immersion)
  • 9 intensive hours of face-to-face coaching over the course of approximately 48 hrs., plus
  • 3 hours of follow-up accountability coaching delivered over an agreed upon period of time.

In addition, you receive reminder mails, and have access to me via email and IM during your period of accountability.

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The initial Threshold Session takes place approximately one month before the beginning of the Total Immersion Coaching, preferably in person but also by phone on request.


Arrival:                                                             3pm – 5pm

Rest & Reflection                                           till 5.30 pm

Onboarding & Dinner                                   5.30pm – 8.30pm     (3hrs.)


1st Coaching Session                                    10am – 1pm                   (3hrs.)

Lunch + Rest & Reflection                         1pm – 3 pm

2nd Coaching Session                                  3pm – 6 pm                       (3hrs.)

~ Dinner Break                                                6pm – 8pm

1st Day Summary                                          8pm – 9pm                          (1hr.)


3rd Coaching Session                               9.30am – 11.30am              (2hrs.)

~ Lunch/Check-Out/Reflection           11.30am – 13.00pm

Final Summay Session                             13.00pm – 14.00pm            (1hr.)


The complete cost for the unique experience of a Total Immersion Coaching (all coaching as described plus meals and accomodations) varies depending on the location and category of accommodations you prefer, for example:

Finnentrop – from € 990 + VAT

Düsseldorf – from € 1450 + VAT

Zürich – from CHF 1900 (tax as applicable)

Philadelphia – from $ 2200 (tax as applicable)

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