Individual Coaching

My individual coaching programs are just that – individual. That means I don’t try to sell you a prefabricated coaching package, but instead schedule a complimentary consultancy session with you which gives us both a first opportunity to get to know one another a bit better.

–> What IS coaching?

During the complimentary consultation, I:

  • listen very closely to what you have to say about the challenge you are facing, and
  • ask you any questions I have, as well as
  • answer any questions you’d like to ask me

before sitting down to write you an individualized coaching proposal. That proposal usually outlines two alternative recommendations on how coaching with me will effectively support you in achieving the goal we discussed during your consulting session, as well as the costs for both alternatives.

–>Find out why I coach!

Because many people have no idea what coaching can cost – and because each coach has his/her own personal fee scale – here is a generic overview of my own fee schedule to give you a general idea of the necessary investment:

1 hr. :      € 150 + VAT

6 hrs.:     € 900 + VAT

9 hrs.:     € 1200 + VAT  —> equals 8 paid + 1 free session

12 hrs.:   € 1500 + VAT  —> equals 10 paid + 2 free sessions

15 hrs.:   € 1800 + VAT   —> equals 12 paid + 3 free sessions

20 hrs.:  € 2250 + VAT —> equals 15 paid + 5 free sessions

–> Do you know the seven questions you should ask before selecting a coach?

The cost of your individualized coaching program includes the actual coaching, as well as all worksheets and reminder mails, and the agreed level of access to me via email and IM between sessions.

–> Have you considered asking your employer to take over/subsidize the cost of your career coaching?

Based on your preference, as well as your geographic location, your coaching sessions can take place:

  • face-to-face
  • via telephone, or
  • a mixture of the two

Would you like an opportunity to talk to me personally about coaching? If so, you can schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation!