How They Work…

What are CoachingHives™?

CoachingHives™ are small groups of professional people like you who are serious about working proactively on reaching their career- or business-related goals. Because you are committed, you are ready to make the necessary investment in yourself by working with an experienced coach to turn your dreams into plans, those plans into action, and that action into reality!

By working with a coach as your personal accountability partner, you effectively vet the goals you have in your professional life and increase your efficiency in achieving those goals within an agreed period of time.

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How are CoachingHives™ organized?

Target Group: Professionals living and working on either side of the Atlantic, who – despite the demands of daily business – are prepared to work with focus and commitment on developing and implementing effective strategies for their current career- or business-related challenges in order to achieve their long-term professional goals.

All of these topics are dealt with in confidential surroundings* within the context of supporting you in effectively adapting your professional strengths and past learnings to succeed in your (new) business and cultural environment.

Duration: 3 months

Group Size: CoachingHives™ are made up of at least 4 – and no more than 8 – members

Language: The language in CoachingHives™ is English or German as agreed amongst the members.

What are the concrete benefits of CoachingHives™ versus 1-on-1 coaching?

  • Membership in CoachingHives™ is financially attractive, because of the lower cost-per-session for the individual
  • As a member of CoachingHives™ you therefore benefit from the support of an experienced coach for a longer period of time
  • In CoachingHives™ you receive valuable input and support from your coach, as well as relevant comments and feedback from other business professionals, all of whom share your ambition and motivation
  • Because CoachingHives™ sessions are conducted by phone (or via internet) you can literally dial in from anywhere – your office, your car or the comfort of your home! CoachingHives™ coaching sessions are therefore much more easily integrated into the normal framework of your busy business and private life than on-site coaching or training sessions.

What are the costs and features of CoachingHives™?

Membership in CoachingHives™ costs:

€ 99 + VAT/month

Your membership includes:

  • Intake documentation (incl. analysis)
  • 3 monthly CoachingHivescoaching sessions à 75 minutes
  • 3 focus mails as a summary of the last session and in preparation for the coming session (incl. worksheets)
  • Podcasts of all your CoachingHives™ group sessions for your individual study/analysis
  • 12o minutes of 1-on-1 coaching to confidentially intensify work on your individual challenge
  • Unlimited e-mail support, so you can have spontaneous access to support in a crisis or during a period of stagnation

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