Coaching by D.E.S.I.R.E.

During my coach training we were asked to develop a coaching model that symbolizes a our process and the natural “flow” of a coaching session. That exercise forced me to really analyze how I work and express that process in a way that is tangible for people curious about and interested in coaching.

Although I am by no means a sports fan, the first image that came to mind involves Formula 1 racing. I literally saw my (potential) clients on the racetrack of life – doing their best master the challenges of the course while at the same time trying to avoid its dangers. Coaching presented itself to me as the pit stop – the opportunity a person needs to reassess their overall strategy for getting to the finish line while refilling their (emotional) tank, getting their wheels (values) re-aligned, and maybe having a cool drink of water.

The one magical ingredient in a coaching relationship is the coachee’s sincere desire to make a change. Having a support system and the necessary tools and techniques aren’t enough. If an individual doesn’t have the heartfelt desire the change things –  to do things differently; to make things better – no amount of coaching will have a real impact on their lives.

D =   (De-)briefing

I need to get to know you, and by sharing some of yourself with me you have an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better. What specific goal do you feel the need to focus on to make to change your life of career? Why is this goal important to you, in other words: Is this truly YOUR goal and not something you’ve been conditioned to believe to have to achieve? What went on recently in your life that you feel helped/hindered you from achieving this goal on your own?

E =   Evaluate

How do you feel about how things are going in your life or career right now? What effect have your most recent actions (successes? failures? learnings? ) had on how you feel about the journey ahead of you? What do you need to change (actions? attitudes?) in order to get ahead? How willing are you to make those changes?

S =   Summarize

Where are you RIGHT NOW in relationship to your goal? Is there anything about your strategy or tactics you need to revisit to make the path straighter or the road less bumpy? What do you feel you need to change TODAY about your plans based on what you know NOW – about yourself, your goal, your purpose?

I =    Inspire

What’s happened since your last session? Have you moved forward (or backward) since then? This is the time in our coaching session when – together – we: Acknowledge your progress! Celebrate your victories! Or…I lend you a shoulder to (briefly!!) lean on.

R =   Re-Activate

Where do you need to go from here? What’s the next milestone you are aiming for? What – exactly – are the Next Steps you intend to take between now and the next session together?

E =    Energize

As your coach I don’t send you back out onto the “race track” without reminding you of the power we each have within ourselves to realize our dreams. Before you go, remind you of what you’ve achieved already in such a short time and encourage you to once again consciously tap into the power that made that progress possible as you step back into action!

The journey towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our life’s purpose is an exciting one. I look forward to making part of the journey with you!