Uncaged Birds CoachingHives™ are intimate group coaching sessions reserved for women of African descent.

Women who are part of the CoachingHives™ are serious about working together proactively on reaching their personal or business-related goals. Because they have taken the step from “someday…” to “NOW!”, they are ready to invest in themselves and work with an experienced coach to turn their dreams into plans, those plans into action, and that action into reality. By working with a coach as their personal accountability partner, these women are unafraid of increasing their effectiveness in achieving goals within an agreed period of time.

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CoachingHives™ Schedule

  • September to November 2010
  • February to April 2011
  • May to July 2011
  • September to November 2011

Tentative Topics for 2010/2011

  • Down, but definitely not out: Developing effective strategies to overcome (temporary!) defeat” – You’ve recently experienced a defeat or setback that really took the wind out of your sails. No matter what you’ve done on your own, you just aren’t  bouncing back the way you’d like. Instead you’ve noticed self-doubt and resignation overshadowing any attempts you make to get yourself back on track. Now – with the support of a coach and a hive of like-minded accountability partners – you’re ready to fight back!
  • “Sisters ‘n Business: Networking, brainstorming and strategizing for success!” – You’re a sister with your own company. Congratulations! But like many other entrepreneurs, you’ve noticed what a lonely thing self-employment can sometimes be. Yes, you belong to professional organizations, network and talk with family and friends about your business. But what you really crave is hands-on support in solving a specific ongoing problem or solid input about your new plan to take your business to the next level ! That’s why you’re ready to work with a coach and a hive of like-minded sisters ‘n business!
  • “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Developing personal tactics to combat stereotypes and day-to-day prejudice” – Thankfully, most of us aren’t subjected to blatant racism/sexism on a daily basis. More often we’re the recipient of the icy shower of (sometimes well-meaning!) stereotypes and insidious prejudices that sneak into our conversations with colleagues or teachers and the interactions we have with shop keepers or people on the tram. Though most of us have our personal strategies to deal with overt disrespect, you still find yourself gobsmacked into speechlessness when you’ve once again been blindsided by an unexpected source. Now you’re ready to analyze why you react the way you do, and work with a coach to (re-)discover your voice and take a stand!
  • COMPASS: Developing useful strategies for living – happily – between two (or more!) cultures – Do you sometimes feel caught in the intercultural crossfire? Sometimes the issue is as concrete as whether you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – or celebrate Christmas at all for that matter. At other times, though,  your struggle to stand up for what you’ve always been taught was “right” in the company of those who were simply raised to see things completely differently is more insidious. Working with a coach and with feedback from the members of the group, this CoachingHive™ helps you to distill out what your unique values, true beliefs and life preferences are – and to integrate them more successfully into your day-to-day life.
  • “Supersize my life! Daring to dream…plan…manifest BIGGER” – You’ve always been a woman with a plan! You were the first in your crowd to have a job after school for spending money, and you’ve known what you wanted to be when you “grow up” from the time you were in elementary school . Now you’ve achieved most of the things on your life’s to-do list, so why are you still  bubbling over with so much undirected energy? By working with a coach, and having the other members of the hive as your sounding board, poise yourself  to take the LEAP you need to take your life to the next level!

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