End of Week Wrap-Up

A (wo)man may plan, but God decides!

When I look back at the mind map and planning notes I developed for this year for this program in November 2011, I can’t help but grin. Yes, I was proud of myself for sitting down and being so early in getting my planning done. I was also excited about several of the ideas and programs I want to launch in the course of 2012 – and still am! But when I take a closer look at just how differently this year has actually started off – and how little time it’s left me to do even the most basic blog/program maintenance – all I can do is shake my head.

To avoid confusion or miscommunication, in lieu of this week’s “Word of the Week”* I want to provide you all with a quick update of what’s been going on behind the scenes, as well as what’s coming up. Soon.

Hamburg Meet-Up

I was very honored to be asked to moderate a panel discussion that was scheduled as part of  Black History Month commemorations in Hamburg last Tuesday evening. While there, however, I also jumped at the chance to meet up with some local ladies.

Thanks to La Toya and Naomi (and her sweet daughter, Janae), as well as Traute and Christin (from the FB group Parents of Black German Children) for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet up for some good conversation and sisterhood…In real life, this time!

Uncaged Birds™ Webinar

The first session of the program’s first webinar was actually scheduled for yesterday. I’m sure you all noticed that that simply didn’t happen… Seriously, the beginning of 2012  has been my busiest to date with only one week going by without some kind of client-related activity taking me on the road.

That’s why I’ve decided I had to move back the first session of this webinar. I want this to be a memorable series, and am committed to integrating the highest quality content possible!

Now both of the complimentary sessions will take place in March, so mark the following dates in your calendar:

  • Webinar Session 1: 15 March 2012 @7.30pm CET
  • Webinar Session 2: 29 March 2012 @7.30pm CET

Look for a more detailed outline of these first two sessions, plus registration forms for the dial-in information, at the beginning of March.

Based on your feedback, I’ll be scheduling the remaining four sessions one evening a month from April to July.

Cross-Over Interview

My planned interview with Beatrice Acheleke has had to be reschedule, but I do hope her calendar will allow us to speak before her upcoming European Diversity and Business Congress.

In addition to that interview, however, I’ll be cross-posting an upcoming interview scheduled with Gena Pearson for my International Black scheduled for 25th February 2012.

Gena is a Peace Corp volunteer currently assigned to Swaziland, and I’m very excited about having the chance to talk to her about her motivation to volunteer, as well as her experiences in Swaziland! If you are as interested in hearing Gena’s story as I am, be sure to either tune in live or listen to the podcast!

Cologne Meet-Up

If you are in/near Cologne this coming Wednesday and are free  @7pm CET, I’d love to meet-up with you! Also: If you have a recommendation regarding a place to meet up that is near the main station, please let me know!

Possible Berlin Meet-Up?

There is a good chance I will be in Berlin on 29 February. Although I haven’t set up an event for a meet-up on FB (I’m not quite sure of my schedule that day yet), if you would like to meet-up, please let me know via the comment section or FB!


* I have 2 personal “Words of the Week” this week – Busy…and BLESSED!


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