The Word of the Week*…

…is breakthrough!*


2: an act or instance of breaking through an obstacle

3: a sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique


It’s still the beginning of the New Year, ladies. A year that can just as easily be as full of opportunities and rewards as it can be of defeats and discouragement. By reminding ourselves what our last breakthrough felt like

  • physically
  • mentally and
  • spiritually

we can fine-tune ourselves to be prepared for all the doors just waiting to open up for us in 2012.

Here’s to being ready, ladies. Here’s to breaking through!



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2 responses to “The Word of the Week*…

  1. This is so on time for me right now I need to make some MAJOR changes within my life…. thanks

    • Trina

      Thanks for listening in, and wishing you strength and clarity of vision for the changes you want to manifest in your life!

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