The Word of the Week…

…is “Connectivity”

After last week’s wonderful TableTalk session I had to again think long and hard about the wonders of modern technology, and how it has the power to enrich our lives if we let it. Not only did technology allow me to conduct a 2 hour conversation with 3 stupendously talented women located in three different countries. It was that same technology that allowed all of us to “find” one another in the first place!

I may be showing my age here, but I still remember the days when almost the only way to communicate was via telephone or a written letter. Back in those days there was really no way to find out directly what other women – who looked like me – were doing halfway round the world. Heck, with few exceptions, I didn’t know there were women who looked like me all around the world. Now, if I want to find out what it’s like to be a black women in China or Brazil, Sweden or Paraguay, Korea or Bulgaria all I have to do is search for a blog or look through the membership rolls of sites like Black Women in Europe, etc. From there it’s usually just a brief comment or message later that I touch bases with a women, and we begin sharing information and experiences across the expanse of the digital divide.

In the meantime I have a hard time remembering exactly when and where I encountered certain women. The interaction with some of you has become so regular that it’s difficult for me to believe we’ve never met in person before, and haven’t already spent many a Saturday afternoon sipping wine and talking about our lives, kids, daily challenges and aspirations.

So, once again I’d like to thank


Carolyn, and


for being  present with their work and their stories. Thank you for sharing your time and your insights. Not only with me, but with all of us!

What stories about great virtual connections can you share?


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