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Who is that big hairy brute we’ve created as an avatar to be the scapegoat for all our fears… the one we’ve voluntarily handed over all our “stuff” to…?

What stuff, you ask?

– The “stuff” that says we cherish our “friendships” with the people on job so much that we can’t stand to deal with the change in relationship dynamics if we were suddenly their boss – or to lose them as a “semi-professional comfort zone” if we were to leave the company altogether

The “stuff” that keeps us spending our disproportionate amount of our money on things of little real value and prevents us from sticking to the long-term plan that will help us realize our dream to travel more of the world

The “stuff” that tells us over and over again that it’s more important – or easier – or more acceptable – to invest in how we look or smell – what we have on our feet or carry on our arm, than it is to personally invest in what’s in our heads – and in our heart.

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