New Feature 5: Webinar Series

Have you ever wanted to experience a rigorous course of self-discovery and goal-setting in the company of like-minded women? And have you wondered what it would be like to integrate your experiences as an Afro-European woman into the discussion and not have them be seen as “foreign” or “exotic”?

The upcoming Uncaged Birds™ webinar event – “Eight Steps Back to Me” – is a webinar series focusing  on personal development challenges from a distinct Afro-European perspective. Over the course of eight week, I will lead a group of women through guided conversation geared towards helping with

  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Goal-setting

Yes, there will be homework!

As an accompaniment to the eight virtual sessions, participants will receive:

  • topic-related checklists to help them focus better on the upcoming session (mental preparation)
  • summaries/recordings of each session (documentation)
  • questions and writing assignments to support them as they apply what they”ve heard to their own lives and experiences (internalization/application)

Here are the topics of each of the eight virtual sessions:

  1. Do you know what’s true about you?
  2. How did you teach them to treat you?
  3. Discovering the freedom in letting go.
  4. Getting yourself ready for your “Eureka” moment!
  5. If you don’t name it, you can’t change it!
  6. Taking YOUR turn – Staying clear on who you are. Getting clear on what you want.
  7. Creation = Action
  8. Doing what works for you – BETTER!

The 1st two sessions will be complimentary, so anyone interest has an opportunity to see just how transformational this webinar series has the power to be in their lives! There will be an enrollment fee for the following six sessions. Although sessions can be booked individually, the full impact of the series is best  experienced by participating in the full course. Anyone wishing to enroll up front for the entire program will get all six sessions for the price of five.

The first complimentary session of this webinar series will be held on

16 February 2012

so watch for the invitation at the beginning of January for a more detailed description of the each event in the series, as well as instruction on how to register!


By the way, have you:


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