Wednesday’s Wisdom: Telling The World Who You Are

Although Carolyn Vines and I have yet to meet in person, we’ve developed a virtual rapport that has enriched my life. That’s why I’m especially glad to have her on board as one of our guest panelists for this year’s TableTalk.

Carolyn, a blogger and author who loves in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband and their two daughters, had this to say about the power in telling your own story:


“…You can only tell your own story if you’ve found your authentic voice. When you speak with that authentic voice, you’re telling the world who you are in your own terms and on your own terms. That is true power…”


To find out more about Carolyn’s mission to encourage more women – esp. African-American women – to use travel as a tool in enriching their lives and facilitating their personal journey of identity, check out the recent episodes of her online radio show on The Women’s Information Network or listen to her interview with author and book coach, Jo Parfitt!


If you haven’t already registered to be part of this year’s virtual round table, click to find out more about the event or go directly here to register!



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2 responses to “Wednesday’s Wisdom: Telling The World Who You Are

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Trina. Looking forward to next week’s panel!

  2. Trina

    Same here, Carolyn!!

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