New Feature 4: Event Calendar

First of all, have you:

  • shared your opinion on the idea of an Uncaged Birds™ Book Club? If not, please make your opinion known!
  • not only marked the date of the upcoming TableTalk in your calendar, but also registered to receive the info necessary to dial-in and be a part of the conversation?
  • thought about what you could share with the other women on our monthly On the Radio interview segment – or recommended an Afro-European woman you’d like to hear being interviewed?
  • listen to yesterday’s Word of the Week podcast on “Opportunity”?

Now that I’ve got my “homework” out of the way, it’s time to tell you about the newest feature:

The Event Calendar

In contrast to the blog posts or static pages that go into detail about a particular program, the event calendar will provide a quick overview of what’s coming up in the weeks and months to come. Once it’s available, the calendar will also contain back links to the posts/pages with more detailed information about each session.

This now gives you the opportunity to browse through the upcoming quarter, and directly pencil in any events or programs that catch your interest into your own calendar. If you use an online calendar yourself, you can simply subscribe to the Uncaged Birds™ Event Calendar and stay up-to-date automatically.

The calendar is still a work-in-progress as I coordinate dates and details for future events with my cooperation partners and guests,  but feel free to

  • have a quick look around to familiarize yourself with the lay-out
  • recommend content/features that would make the calendar more useful for you
  • suggest event or programs you’d be interested in seeing on the calendar

By the way: You can find the tab for the Event Calendar at the very top of the page.


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