New Feature 3: On the Radio

This – like the TableTalk – is technically more a “renewed” feature than a “new” one. I created the original On the Radio segment as a result of hugely positive response to the first TableTalk. So many of you were happy and eager to hear from  and about other Afro-European women that I wanted to provide a(nother) platform for us all to get to know one another better.

In the meantime, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting the following women:

  • Harolynne Bobis (Greece)
  • Jemitra Hairston (Netherlands)
  • Carolyn Vines (Netherlands)
  • Jo Kelly-Bai (China)
  • Minna Salami (UK)
  • Celeste Blackwell (Germany/UK)

on their own On the Radio segments. In addition, there were two open calls where I – along with Lillian Ogbogoh and Jemitra Hairston – talked about plans for the Uncaged Birds™ retreats.

Interested in listening to a segment from the archive? Just click on the “On the Radio” in the category cloud in the column to the right to find a list of all programs!

We got back on track with this month’s segment with Celeste Blackwell.  Following next month’s TableTalk I’ll be keeping up the momentum of the monthly one hour segments. I’m extremely happy to say that my special guest on 13 December 2011 will be

Minna Salami

writer and commentator on Africa & Diaspora society & culture, feminism & race and founder of the blog  MsAfropolitan.

Would you like to suggest a guest – or be a guest yourself?

Feel free to contact me with your suggestion(s) or topic(s) you’d particularly like to see covered!


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