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The Word of the Week*…


What do you do when opportunity knocks on your door?

– Are you the overly suspicious type, always sure there has to be must be a catch somewhere?

– Are you the disciplined type, who has to have a schedule and has a schedule for everything?

– Or are you the laissez-faire type, who can’t seem to motivate yourself to actually do anything?


* Click the link to listen to this brief podcast


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New Feature 3: On the Radio

This – like the TableTalk – is technically more a “renewed” feature than a “new” one. I created the original On the Radio segment as a result of hugely positive response to the first TableTalk. So many of you were happy and eager to hear from  and about other Afro-European women that I wanted to provide a(nother) platform for us all to get to know one another better.

In the meantime, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting the following women:

  • Harolynne Bobis (Greece)
  • Jemitra Hairston (Netherlands)
  • Carolyn Vines (Netherlands)
  • Jo Kelly-Bai (China)
  • Minna Salami (UK)
  • Celeste Blackwell (Germany/UK)

on their own On the Radio segments. In addition, there were two open calls where I – along with Lillian Ogbogoh and Jemitra Hairston – talked about plans for the Uncaged Birds™ retreats.

Interested in listening to a segment from the archive? Just click on the “On the Radio” in the category cloud in the column to the right to find a list of all programs!

We got back on track with this month’s segment with Celeste Blackwell.  Following next month’s TableTalk I’ll be keeping up the momentum of the monthly one hour segments. I’m extremely happy to say that my special guest on 13 December 2011 will be

Minna Salami

writer and commentator on Africa & Diaspora society & culture, feminism & race and founder of the blog  MsAfropolitan.

Would you like to suggest a guest – or be a guest yourself?

Feel free to contact me with your suggestion(s) or topic(s) you’d particularly like to see covered!

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Wednesday’s Wisdom: A Voice Ignored

One of the guest panelists on the upcoming TableTalk is Precious Williams.

Precious is a UK-based author and journalist who had this to say about the power in telling our own stories:

“…Nothing could be more undermining than being silenced, having your voice ignored. There is immense power in being heard…”

Eager to find out more about Precious and her work? The following interview  is a wonderful introduction!

If you haven’t already registered to be part of this year’s virtual round table, click to find out more about the event or go directly here to register!


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The Word of the Week*…


* Click the link to listen to this brief podcast (brought to you on Tuesday for technical reasons)!

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New Feature 2: TableTalk 2011

You’re right: this isn’t really a “new” feature…

But I’m happy to announce the 2nd Uncaged Birds™ TableTalk.

Click on the link to find out more about this year’s topic, as well as the impressive women on the evening’s panel.

  • Please mark this date/time in your calendars!
  • Please pass the information on to any other sisters who you believe will also be interested in tuning in!

Our panel and I are looking forward to hearing your opinions, questions and comments on the evening, so don’t forget to register in order to receive the dial-in information you’ll need to be an active part of the event.

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New Feature 1: An Uncaged Birds™ Book Club?

As you can see, this new feature comes with a question mark…

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an avid reader. If anything, I wish I had more time (and more money) to dedicate to reading new – good – books.

Several times a month new book releases catch my attention – including about books by Afro-European authors. Just last Saturday I thought “I really need to read this” when I saw an article about Esi Edugyan’s new book, “Half-Blood Blues”.

But reading in a vacuum is only half the fun.

The recent public discourse about films by Tyler Perry and Kathryn Stockton’s book “The Help” has sharpened my own conviction that

  • Everyone has the right to put their creative work out there (and more power to them if they are successful doing it!), and
  • If I take issue with the quality of creative work that bubbles to the top of public consciousness, I have to do something to help increase the exposure of good books that deserve a broader audience.

That’s how the thought of started a book club began to take on a concrete shape.

I’ve already posted a poll on the group page on Facebook, but I also wanted to pose the question to those of you who haven’t seen it. I’ve also added a few new options…

Would YOU support an Uncaged Birds™ Book Club?

If there are a minimum of four other women committed to the idea by the end of November, we’d have a kick-off session for the book club at the end of January!


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Do you know the “Word of the Week”?

Ladies, this week’s Word of the Week is “revitalize“…

No, you haven’t missed anything… Today is just the day I want to revitalize Uncaged Birds™ by introducing some new features to the program!​

First, let me thank all of you for being supportive over the past 16 months! Your feedback and contributions have been wonderful, and that means a lot to me. ​

During my recent hiatus I thought a lot about your input and feedback, and listened to the direction my own intuition is leading. The result: An expanded selection of new and updated features for the program.

Now I feel confident about taking Uncaged Birds™ one step further. ​

The new and/or updated features to look for are ​

  • Regular blog features
    • Monday Musings – A Word of the Week to help you kick-start your week on a positive note!
    • Wednesday Wisdom: A weekly entry sharing insights and info relevant to personal development and the Afro-European community
  • Virtual Events
    • On the Radio:  A monthly online radio program featuring interviews with women from all across the Afro-European community who share their experience, dreams, challenges and strategies for successes! (Next date: 13 December 2011)
    • TableTalk: A twice yearly virtual round table where a panel of guests discuss issues pertaining to Afro-European women, also giving you an opportunity to share your thoughts with other women of African descent across Europe (Next date: 15 November 2011)
    • Webinar Series: “Eight Steps Back to Me” –  A series of 8  sessions focusing on personal and professional development issues from an Afro-European perspective (Kick-off: 16 February 2012)
  • Social Media
    • Twitter: I tweet about diversity, inclusion, working and living intercultural, etc. @360ofDiversity
  • Live Events
    • Local Meet-Ups (more info in 2012)
    • Workshops (more info in 2012)
    • Retreats (more info in 2012)

Check back in the days to come as I flesh out each program with more detail, as well as share all the details about next month’s TableTalk and introduce our panel of special guests!

I’m very excited about the promise the next 16 months hold, and look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!

(P.S.: Is there anything you’d like to add or do you think anything is missing? Please let me know in the comment section or via mail, so I can be sure to address it in my specific posts about these new features!)

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