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Retreat Update

I would like to thank everyone for their interest in the May retreat date. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach “critical mass” – in other words, not enough women signed up to make this date financially viable.

Lillian, Jemitra and I all hope, however, that both the July and the September dates will be more convenient for all the ladies interested, and that the timeframe will give you all opportunity enough to plan!

Looking forward to seeing you then!

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Wednesday’s Wisdom: “A User’s Guide to Racism”

“Is there a better way to deal with life

than with love and humor?”

(C. Dickens)

I don’t know if 33 year old Rokhaya Diallo French activist, writer and television and radio commentator is familiar with this Dickens quote, but by founding the organization “Les Indivisibles” (The Indivisible) to fight racism with humor, she has certainly brought life to its intention!

The annal Y’a Bon Awards, established “Les Indivisibles”, hope to both expose and counteract the sting of what are arguably the most racist statement to have been made over the course of the preceding year.

Find our more about this organization and its mission, as well as about Diallo’s work and opinions on the current situation of immigrants and people of color in France.

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Monday Musings: Condoleeza Rice on Leadership

As controversial as her rôle in the Bush White House may be, no one can deny that Condoleeza Rice is a woman of many accomplishments. Not only did she rise to unheard of political heights during the presidency of G. W. Bush, but she is also a gifted concert pianist.

Now that her White House days are behind her, Ms. Rice often pops up in unexpected places (e.g. a recent episode of the hit TV series “30 Rock”) and seems to now afford herself the luxury of exposing other sides to her multifaceted personality.

Here she talks with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates about some of the basic tenets of leadership.

How are you taking lead in your life/career today?

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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing each and every one of you a blessed day filled with love in the presence of your loved ones!

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2nd Info Call: Spring 2011 Retreats

Yesterday Lillian Ogobogoh, Jemitra Hairston and I connected again virtually and put together a 2nd info call about the upcoming retreats. Here’s a quick list to the things we wanted to share with you:

  • The specific benefits of attending the upcoming retreat and sharing your personal, professional and self-care stories!
  • How you and a friend can get a discount on the registration fee!
  • The valuable give-aways and bonus prizes that are part of the package!

Just click on the link to find out more!

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