Question #10 – Is This How Winning Feels?


After weeks and months of perseverance, you’ve successfully crossed your personal achievement finish line. You’ve completed your course or received that promotion; lost those 12 pounds or submitted the finalized manuscript. There were nights when you thought you couldn’t do it. Days when you didn’t want to go on. But you did – and that’s what matters.

One of the most important aspects of the goal-setting process is allowing yourself to actually experience what it’s like to succeed! What better motivator can there be for setting and achieving future goals than the positive feelings you experienced when you achieved your last goal? By rewarding yourself, celebrating with supportive friends and family or developing a success ritual you not only give yourself something to look forward to next time. Allowing ourselves to actually feel our success recharges are batteries, so we’re full of new energy when it’s time to accomplish our next goal.

So, how do you feel now?

Are you:

  • sailing high on an adrenalin rush?
  • feeling a little stunned by the enormity of it all?
  • raring to go off to tackle your next objective?

Being a good winner is an art form!

Unfortunately, many of us weren’t taught how to be graceful and constructive winners. We neither learned to celebrate our achievements in a way that is emotionally significant nor to afford ourselves the luxury of simply savoring what we’ve accomplished. Instead we were – consciously or subconsciously – taught one of the three following lessons about winning:

  1. It’s arrogant to openly celebrate your own victories, because your winning means someone else lost.
  2. Whatever you achieved wasn’t really so great, so get over yourself.
  3. There’s no time to dawdle – get back out there and conquer the next dragon!

Before you go on to your next goal, sit down and call up the images of the steps you took towards reaching this goal. Think about your initial surge of energy and excitement as you started out. Remember your confusion and frustration as you adapted and adjusted your plan along the way. Relive how you felt when you were aching to give up, as well as how you felt when you decided to get back on track – and did.

Most of all: let yourself really feel what it was like to be able to mark this process



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