Empowerment means telling your own story: Spring 2011 Retreat

As the weather grows milder and the days longer, I’ve been busy working together with my sister coaches Lillian Ogbogoh and Jemitra Hairston to finalize the details for the first Uncaged Birds Retreat: “Empowerment means telling your own story!” (Info)

If you are in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, the UK or Denmark, you are invited to take part in this experiential event!

Why – of all the possible subject for a retreat – did I feel so strongly drawn to this on? Because as I’ve said in the presentation:

Inhabiting someone else‘s story about us is like catching a glimpse of ourselves in a funhouse mirror. Everything may seem familiar, but also foreign and distorted. Every thought we have or action we take based on that „outside story“ leads us farther off track instead of closer to our authentic goal. That‘s because someone else‘s story always reflects their agenda, never our own.

Because we want to make this first encounter as powerful and enriching as possible, we’re keeping the group small.

Are you going to be there?

We look forward to seeing you!


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