Update: On the Radio

First of all, thanks to all of you who took the poll and left comments last week! I really appreciate your feedback.

Also my thanks to anyone who tuned in to my insightful interview with Minna Salami on Tuesday. It was chock-full of information and especially refreshing to compare different international perspective with someone who has experienced them all first-hand.

Unfortunately, the technical goddesses were not on our side that night. Minna and I had trouble connecting before the call, the sound quality was uninspiring and – to top it all off – I have had a problem retrieving the recording. That last point is especially frustrating, because I know many of you listen to the tapes as time and your own schedules allow.

To remedy that, however, I am currently negotiating with Minna for a return interview. It’ll soon be time for the 2nd annual TableTalk – the virtual series I initiated to launch this site/program – and I would love to have Minna on board to expand on our dialogue on “The Other ‘F-Word'”.



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