Feminist? Womanist? Whatever!

Because of the International Women’s Day commemoration last week, I’ve seen a lot of articles all across the internet about feminism. One thing I noticed (and it was by no means a scientific search on my part): I saw no articles by women of color on the topic.

I plan to look for current articles on the subject by writers of color before my interview with Minna Salami on Tuesday, but before I do I want to ask for your opinion:



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14 responses to “Feminist? Womanist? Whatever!

  1. Hi Trina,
    just took the survey and will do my best to tune in on Tuesday. I’ll be in DC for the week attending a conference, but will find time to listen in. Success.

    • Trina

      Hi Carolyn,
      Much success at the conference! If you don’t have a chance to tune in to the live show, you can always listen to the recording later.
      Have a safe flight!

  2. It’s not “whatever” to me. I’m a womanist although I don’t object to the term feminist as long as african/black prefaces it. Just as my observation of black history occurs outside the framework of the official month allotted it, my observation of black women’s issues occurs outside of the official day of women. In January, I wrote a review of Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology. Check it out:


    • Trina

      Thanks for taking part in the poll, as well as enriching the conversation with your link! I’ll be having a look at it before my interview on Tuesday.

  3. I will also try to listen on Tuesday. During the 1970s, I found the women’s movement very unfulfilling even at that time because the needs and concerns of women of color were missing.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

    • Trina

      Just like with the Civil Right movement, I am surprised at the number of younger people (esp. women) who no longer feel that feminism/womanism is relevant in their lives. I am very interested to talk with someone from the younger generation and compare the type of discourse going on now to the discourse I experienced in the 70’s.

      If you have time to tune in, I would certainly appreciate your input!

  4. Hi Trina, I just responded to the poll and will do my best to be there on Tuesday. Best wishes! ~Rose

  5. I support gender parity and the protection of women and girls. I also support our right to make our own choices. I don’t see how the political application of feminism truly benefits black women. I have much more to say on this and have two extensive essays I’ll be posting at my online forum further examining this. In the meantime, I wrote this piece on 5th wave feminism & womanism that works for black women if I may post the link here: http://actsoffaithblog.com/5th-wave-feminismwomanism-that-works-for-black-women. I’d love your feedback.

    • Trina

      Thank you for your input, Faith! I will be checking out your piece before my interview on Tuesday.

  6. I have always preferred the term womanist… it just fits me.

  7. Aisha Camara

    Hi Trina,

    I was glad to take the survey! Am actually working on Simone De Beauvoir Novels for a Paper and I will make sure to talk to my professor about this…let me know if you come across any french speaking authors!

  8. I just took the survey.
    I will try to tune in tomorrow after my evening classes.

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