Happy International Women’s Day!

Being a woman means grasping and embracing our true power, and owning and telling our own stories. In celebration of this International Women’s Day I want to share with you a video I am watching this afternoon. Although I haven’t even watched all five segments, I am already bowled over by the strength and sincerity the young black female students in Part 1 bring with them to the stage as they discuss what being black means (and doesn’t mean) to them.

As women of African descent the roles we are expected to play aren’t only imposed on us from the outside. Often enough a bout of internal “group think” pushes and prods us into tiny spaces – to fill in the gaps, so to speak – in somebody else’s version of the story.

  • We’re to be intelligent and educated, but not too…
  • We’re to be sexually accessible, but non-demanding
  • We’re to maintain exclusive loyalty to our race even when it’s not loyal to us

The young ladies in this video are grabbing their own stories

  • wrestling with them
  • embracing them
  • sharing them

and in doing so, also taking back a small piece of control over their own individual destinies.

“It’s still not ok for you to finish my story before I get the chance to tell it to you!”

Ok, I’ve watched all five parts in the meantime, and the quote above motivated me to amend this post to include the final – powerful – section (though I still do encourage you to watch the entire series).



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