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Till Lions Become Historians…

If you have never heard of Maya Wegerif, she is a young poet hailing from South Africa. Her poem talks about the importance of taking control of our own story.

Thanks to Minna Salami for publishing this on her Facebook thread, and therefore also bringing it to my attention!


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Update: On the Radio

First of all, thanks to all of you who took the poll and left comments last week! I really appreciate your feedback.

Also my thanks to anyone who tuned in to my insightful interview with Minna Salami on Tuesday. It was chock-full of information and especially refreshing to compare different international perspective with someone who has experienced them all first-hand.

Unfortunately, the technical goddesses were not on our side that night. Minna and I had trouble connecting before the call, the sound quality was uninspiring and – to top it all off – I have had a problem retrieving the recording. That last point is especially frustrating, because I know many of you listen to the tapes as time and your own schedules allow.

To remedy that, however, I am currently negotiating with Minna for a return interview. It’ll soon be time for the 2nd annual TableTalk – the virtual series I initiated to launch this site/program – and I would love to have Minna on board to expand on our dialogue on “The Other ‘F-Word'”.


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Feminist? Womanist? Whatever!

Because of the International Women’s Day commemoration last week, I’ve seen a lot of articles all across the internet about feminism. One thing I noticed (and it was by no means a scientific search on my part): I saw no articles by women of color on the topic.

I plan to look for current articles on the subject by writers of color before my interview with Minna Salami on Tuesday, but before I do I want to ask for your opinion:


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Happy International Women’s Day!

Being a woman means grasping and embracing our true power, and owning and telling our own stories. In celebration of this International Women’s Day I want to share with you a video I am watching this afternoon. Although I haven’t even watched all five segments, I am already bowled over by the strength and sincerity the young black female students in Part 1 bring with them to the stage as they discuss what being black means (and doesn’t mean) to them.

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On the Radio: The Other “F-Word”

  • Do you call yourself a feminist – or do you shy away from “The F-Word” like a vampire shies away from garlic?
  • Do you follow Alice Walker’s example and think of yourself a womanist instead?
  • Or do you believe that the biggest part of that particular battle has already been fought and it’s time for us all to simply move on?

No matter on which side of this discussion you fall, you are invited to join me with my guest, writer and blogger Minna Salami, as we discuss the role and importance of female liberation for women of African descent living and working in Europe.

Minna – who was born in Finland, grew up in Nigeria, studied in Sweden, lived and worked in both Spain and New York – is currently completing her MA in Gender Studies at SOAS University in London. A woman who is not in the least afraid to speak her mind, Minna’s writing (her blog is called MsAfropolitan) covers a spectrum of topics including the African Diaspora, Race and Feminism.

  • Topic: The Other “F-Word”
  • Special Guest: Minna Salami (writer and blogger)
  • Date: 15 March 2011
  • Time: 7.30 pm CET // 1.30 pm EST
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
  • Dial-in*: +1-724-444-7444 (Call I.D. 95377)
  • URL*

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