Recap: 11 Questions to Empower You in 2011

With only four more questions to add the list, I’d first like to recap the questions I’ve shared so far.

  • Maybe you missed one?
  • May you feel the to need to revisit one?
  • Maybe you’d like to copy all of them into one place for future reference?

No matter what your reason, here is a list of the first seven questions aimed at empowering you to reach your goals with more focus, sovereignty and joy in 2011:

  1. What is my deep, authentic intention?
  2. Do I feel joy in moving forward?
  3. How do I define goals so that I’m motivated to really achieve them?
  4. Am I Planning to Fail?
  5. Why Make ‘Help’ A 4-Letter Word?
  6. Am I the Tortoise or the Hare?
  7. Am I making space in my life for the change I want to see?

BTW: Don’t forget to have a look at the helpful worksheets that go with many of the question entries!


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