Question #7 – Am I making space in my life for the change I want to see?

Now that you’ve been busy working towards your new goal(s) for the last few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly begun bumping into lots of miscellaneous “things” in your life. Depending on your goal(s), those “things” might be material, but they could also be habits, attitudes or people who are taking up room in your life.

When you start making changes to your life, you begin to notice what has been taking up your time and resources until now. You will also see that some of those old demands are not only cluttering up the space you sorely need in order to move forward, they are also overshadowing the positive outlook you need to successfully face any hurdles or setbacks along the way.

“Spring Cleaning”

Many of us take out homes through the ritual of “spring cleaning” in order to welcome the warm summer months. We open windows, clean carpets and sort through our closets for anything in need of a new button or hem – or that can be gotten rid of completely.

Just like we do with our homes, we need to make a practice of “spring cleaning” our lives! By getting rid of some of the bad habits, negative people and defeatist attitudes that have weighed us down or held up back in the past, we make room for a more positive attitude, more constructive habits and more supportive people.

Are you unsure which habits and attitudes you need to change or the new kind of people you need to make (more) room for in your life? Take time to download this worksheet and find out more about Creating Space in Your Life by De-Cluttering your Mind.


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