Update: TableTalk 2010

Jovelyn Richards was a caller on our 1st TableTalk.  She dialled in to tell us about her dream of going to Budapest, and asked for tips and insights to help her on her way.

Her goal: To write and create a performance piece while she was there.

Less than six months later, Jovelyn is in Budapest – a country she has never visited before, where she knew no one, and with a language she was totally unfamiliar with – and  her performance piece, “A Storyteller’s Tongue“, will premier at the Merlin Jazz Room later this month!

What an inspirational story!

Jovelyn was kind enough to write:

The beauty and self love that I embraced, listening to your show and your guests, was instrumental in my heading to Bp.”

I wish Jovelyn much success for her upcoming premier!

If any of you are in Budapest (or know anyone who is), I’m sure this would be a very worthwhile way to spend an evening.

If you can’t make it to the show, look forward to Jovelyn as a guest on “On the Radio” in the very near future. She has agreed to share the story of her journey and her show with us.

Once again: Congratulations, Jovelyn!


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