11 Questions to Empower You in 2011

I’ve personally given up on the idea of New Year’s Resolutions.

Most often these are superficially formulated “wishes” that don’t have the strong roots of a good strategy or the active fertilizer of a cohesive plan to ensure that they blossom and flower. The inevitable failure we usually face by the time February rolls around further reinforces any feelings of powerlessness and loss of control that may already be holding us back in our personal or professional lives.

In other words: “Wishes are for wusses!

I firmly believe in setting structures in place that support me in achieving concrete, purpose-anchored goals.

I begin by defining the key areas of life that I feel I need to improve, and then pinpointing no more than two or three key goals in those areas to concentrate on during the coming year. Limiting  the number of goals allows me to make the most of my energies and disciplines me to stay better focused on my real priorities.


  • What does “purpose-anchored” mean?
  • How do I decide which areas of my life actually need to be improved?
  • Can you really narrow your goals for an entire year down to only two or three and expect real change?
  • How do I go about developing a strategy (and backing that strategy up with a feasible plan) that constructively supports me in achieving my goals?
  • Are there any tools, techniques or methods that will help me stay the course – despite setbacks?

To kick-start 2011…

… over the next eleven days I will share insights surrounding eleven powerful questions with you that can help you navigate the rough waters of successful goal achievement more successfully.

Whether you have already set your goals for the coming year or are still in the process of doing so, let these questions resonate with you as you think about what you intend to achieve in 2011. Sometimes your gut reaction to a specific question will reaffirm that – yes! – you are on the right track. At other times the uneasy gut feeling a question causes let’s you know that you may be on the wrong track or simply haven’t dotted all the “I’s” or crossed all the “T’s” where your strategizing and planning are concerned.

To help you document your journey, but also provide a little background support as you move towards your goal, I will also make a number of coaching worksheets available to you.

Feel free…

…to leave comments or ask questions during the next two weeks.

Tomorrow: Question #1 – “What is my deep, authentic intention?”



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2 responses to “11 Questions to Empower You in 2011

  1. This is a great article! Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to answering these questions. May I repost this article on my blog?

  2. Trina

    Thank you, Jemitra! I look forward to your feedback on any question that really resonates with you – or when you feel an important point has been missed.

    Please feel free to repost!

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