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Question #7 – Am I making space in my life for the change I want to see?

Now that you’ve been busy working towards your new goal(s) for the last few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly begun bumping into lots of miscellaneous “things” in your life. Depending on your goal(s), those “things” might be material, but they could also be habits, attitudes or people who are taking up room in your life.

When you start making changes to your life, you begin to notice what has been taking up your time and resources until now. You will also see that some of those old demands are not only cluttering up the space you sorely need in order to move forward, they are also overshadowing the positive outlook you need to successfully face any hurdles or setbacks along the way.

“Spring Cleaning”

Many of us take out homes through the ritual of “spring cleaning” in order to welcome the warm summer months. We open windows, clean carpets and sort through our closets for anything in need of a new button or hem – or that can be gotten rid of completely.

Just like we do with our homes, we need to make a practice of “spring cleaning” our lives! By getting rid of some of the bad habits, negative people and defeatist attitudes that have weighed us down or held up back in the past, we make room for a more positive attitude, more constructive habits and more supportive people.

Are you unsure which habits and attitudes you need to change or the new kind of people you need to make (more) room for in your life? Take time to download this worksheet and find out more about Creating Space in Your Life by De-Cluttering your Mind.


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Status Update

This week technology is not my friend. My laptop is having a midlife crisis, so I will be offline for a bit.

Look for Question #7 – Am I making space in my life for the change I want to see? – at the end of the week.

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Sitting in on a “Master Class” with Maya Angelou

A master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert, the eponymous “master”. Master classes were typically held by professional performing and other artists, such as musicians, singers, dancers, and painters, in fields in which much art technique is transmitted personally. (Wikipedia)


I have been curious about the Master Class series that Oprah Winfrey is airing on her new OWN network since I first read about it. Not being in the States, however, I thought I wouldn’t have an opportunity to actually see the programs on this season’s schedule.

Enter: The wonders of the internet!

If you are currently in Europe (or simply don’t have access to Ms. Winfrey’s channel), please check out this thought-provoking and inspiring Master Class with Maya Angelou – and let me know what you think about it!



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Question #6 – Am I the Tortoise or the Hare?

I admit that pacing myself is something I often still struggle with. Once I get excited about a new goal, it’s easy for me to get off to an (overly-?) exuberant start only to find myself tripping over my own proverbial feet at some time in the process. I am so eager to put as much energy as humanly possible into reaching my goal, that I sometimes forget the tried-and-true message we can all learn from Aesop’s fable:

Slow and steady wins the race!

In the excitement we feel when planning our goal-related success, it’s a great temptation to artificially speed up our timeline. We want it done – if not NOW, then certainly as soon as possible!

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Retreat 2011: “Empowerment Means Telling My Own Story!”

Take hold of this opportunity to STOP the fast-moving wheels in your life and SLOW DOWN long enough to LISTEN to your own inner voice. Only then can you find out what important message from yourself you may have been missing.

Be prepared to dance, pray, explore, reveal, and share the untold story that’s been hidden deep inside of you…until NOW!

Find out more about the 1st Uncaged Birds™ retreat in April/May 2011!

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Question #5 – Why Make ‘Help’ A 4-Letter Word?

I graduated high school in 1974 and, therefore, grew up in the age of feminism. Women saw themselves coming into their own, and for the first time in Western history they dared flex their collective muscle in many arenas both public and private.

Many black women had had a very different journey, however. As a group we were not the protected fragile creatures society placed high on a pedestal. Instead we most often doubled as mild-mannered servants or long-suffering drudges – both at home and in the work place. Our demand for more equality was often tempered by residual racism within the women’s movement and countered by the reminder of the ongoing subjugation of  black man. Our calls for shared responsibility in child-rearing inside the home and a more level playing field in the job market therefore often fell on deaf ears, but that didn’t stop many of us from striving for excellence!

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Update: TableTalk 2010

Jovelyn Richards was a caller on our 1st TableTalk.  She dialled in to tell us about her dream of going to Budapest, and asked for tips and insights to help her on her way.

Her goal: To write and create a performance piece while she was there.

Less than six months later, Jovelyn is in Budapest – a country she has never visited before, where she knew no one, and with a language she was totally unfamiliar with – and  her performance piece, “A Storyteller’s Tongue“, will premier at the Merlin Jazz Room later this month!

What an inspirational story!

Jovelyn was kind enough to write:

The beauty and self love that I embraced, listening to your show and your guests, was instrumental in my heading to Bp.”

I wish Jovelyn much success for her upcoming premier!

If any of you are in Budapest (or know anyone who is), I’m sure this would be a very worthwhile way to spend an evening.

If you can’t make it to the show, look forward to Jovelyn as a guest on “On the Radio” in the very near future. She has agreed to share the story of her journey and her show with us.

Once again: Congratulations, Jovelyn!

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