Holiday Greetings

I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season!

I hope you are spending time with your loved ones and friends, and filling up on their love and energy – and sharing yours with them.

May we all be blessed with love and light in the New Year, and may we continue to travel part of life’s road together…




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2 responses to “Holiday Greetings

  1. Amaliada

    Thanks for this – and happy holidays to you and your family as well.

    Along with Hillary Clinton I share a birthday with Mahalia Jackson as well, and it really helped as a young girl having an idol who also had an unusual name.

    • Trina

      Same to you! When I was growing up my name was also not the norm. It was often mispronounced (can’t really understand that) or people thought it was short for something else. I actually like having a name that wasn’t so common. Although I don’t think names need be too “creative”, I think there is something to be said for a dash of individuality! 😀

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