On the Radio (Some Stats)

The overwhelmingly positive response to TableTalks – planned as a one-off three-part series in 2010 – motivated me to segue into a follow-up format called “On the Radio”.

A monthly one-hour show focusing on one guest and topic, “On the Radio” gives black women around Europe an opportunity to share their passion for a specific topic with the other sisters who tune in. This passion can focus on their business or a special project or simply some aspect of their life outside the U.S.A.

The first “On the Radio” segment aired in September and the final show for the year will air next Tuesday. To date these have been my three wonderful guests and their topics, as well as the number of ladies listening in to each segment:

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to listen to these excitingly informational interviews, just click on the link to find your way to the online recording.

Check back on Friday for the topic of this year’s final show on 21 December!


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