On the Radio: “Black and (A)Broad”

My interview with Carolyn

Carolyn Vines is – among other things – an editor and avid blogger. When she first approached publishers with her idea of writing a book about being black in Europe, she was encouraged to write a kind of travel guide for black women. As she got deeper into her project, however, Carolyn realized that what she needed to write was something much more personal.

Instead of a black women’s version of “If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium“, her resulting book, Black and (A)Broad (Subtitled “Traveling beyond the limitations of identity”), became a memoir with an intensely personal message without losing an iota of its universal appeal. Carolyn tells us about what triggered her decision to move to Europe, as well as the – both internal and external – hurdles she had to take to make that decision. She also talks candidly about her experiences as a Black American abroad, and how that change in perspective gave her unexpected insight into her own identity, enabling her to better face the many new challenges she faced.

Most compelling about Carolyn’s story is its ordinariness. She’s an “every woman” who also happens to be black.

Despite ist universal character, Carolyn hopes her book will inspire especially black women to venture out  beyond the immediate circumstances of their biology, nationality and socio-economic circumstances. Because – as Carolyn’s own life shows – there is a wealth of beauty and possibilities available to us all, if we only have the courage and faith to pursue them!

Any of you who have had the opportunity to listen in on the very first TableTalk –  The Expat Talks –  back in August will certainly be familiar with Carolyn. Originally from the Midwest, Carolyn shared some of the  experiences and insights she has gained since moving to the Netherlands.

  • Topic: Black and (A)Broad – “Traveling beyond the limitations of identity”
  • Special Guest: Carolyne Vines
  • Date: 16 November 2010
  • Time: 7.30 pm CET // 1.30 pm EST
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
  • Dial-in: +1-323-784-9710
  • URLhttp://tinyurl.com/2war4r7 (To listen via internet and share your thoughts and questions via live chat option!)


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