Is Your Life “Super-Sized”?

“What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”

I’m sure many of you know that saying . It challenges us to temporarily leave behind logic and rational thinking and let our fantasy run freely.

In that open space anything you can imagine can actually become reality!

This sounds deceptively easy, doesn’t it? Sitting around and daydreaming a little bit can’t be hard! You’re right. It’s not hard at all to quickly generate a list of the generic dreams of a generation or a society. You know: bigger house, bigger car, bigger boat. But it gets very difficult when it comes down to leaving behind generic symbolism and developing our own concrete, “super-sized” visions for our lives. A vision that’s totally subjective; in other words, totally in harmony with our own values and talents and motivators.

How do you achieve the right balance between “super-sized” and “concrete” anyway. When we’re trying to be concrete, our rational mind can quickly sneak itself back into the equation, and we find ourselves asking: “Can that really be done?”. When it comes to super-sizing, things often get vague – or slip back into generic quick fixes.

Why does that happen?

In addition to the confidence we carry with us like a shield, we also lug around random internalized beliefs that – subconsciously – influence the way we think and act. These internalized beliefs are most often connected to unconscious fears. And it’s those unconscious fears that make us dream smaller…think smaller… “be” smaller than we really are.

So, now is the time to temporarily leave your comfort zone behind and look your wildest dreams directly in the eye! What would your wildest dream look like

  • for your personal life?
  • your relationship?
  • for your job or business?

What affect would actively pursuing that dream have on the life you have today?


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