On the Radio: “The Journey of the Heroine – Navigating Life’s Transitions with Grace (or NOT!)”


Special Guest: Jemitra Hairston (Netherlands)


About the Show:

The journey of the heroine is a voyage of the heart and mind that each and every woman embarks upon at some point in her life.  The journey is characterized by several transitions or gates.  Transitions are inextricably woven into the fabric of life.  Yet, oftentimes we approach life’s transitions with a sense of apprehension and even dread.  When we fight against these transitions, we make our passage through them more difficult.  In this interview, we will explore the four major gates of the heroine’s journey.  We will learn how to recognize the gates we must pass through, and learn practical tips that can help us navigate each transition.

About Jemitra:

Jemitra Hairston is the Creative Director of The Green Doorway.  She has almost a decade of experience as a lifestyle coach, massage therapist, whole foods cook, workshop facilitator, and yoga instructor.

Jemitra holds a Masters Degree in Health Promotion from Marymount University, is a certified Thai yoga massage therapist (Touch of Asia), and a certified Holistic Health Counselor (Institute for Integrative Nutrition).

Through customized holistic lifestyle programs, Jemitra serves as a guide who assists her clients on a personal journey toward attaining radiant health, finding inner balance, and unleashing their full potential.  She specializes in helping people who live busy, fast-paced lives.  Jemitra’s programs draw from a wide range of techniques and modalities including:  Thai yoga massage, yoga, whole foods nutritional therapy, story reality, and the social ecological model.

In addition to her education, Jemitra has direct experience with the healing effects of the modalities she uses with her own clients.  She maintains a regular, strenuous yoga practice and eats a diet composed of organic, whole foods.  As a result, she is in better health and has more energy than when she was a teenager.

Jemitra is also a motivational and dynamic public speaker, Jemitra lectures across the country and internationally on a wide variety of wellness and lifestyle related topics.

  • Topic: The Journey of the Heroine – Navigating Life’s Transitions with Grace (or NOT)!
  • Special Guest: Jemitra Hairston
  • Date: 19 October 2010
  • Time: 7.30 pm CET // 1.30 pm EST
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
  • Dial-in: +1-323-784-9710
  • URLhttp://tinyurl.com/3ydsf2j (To listen via internet and share your thoughts and questions via live chat option!)

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