Keeping Up The Momentum: Monthly Uncaged Birds™ Radio Show

First of all, thanks again to all of you who took the time to take the survey following the TableTalk discussions. The series seems to have struck a chord with many of you, and the feedback was very encouraging. So much so that I’ve decided to take an important step towards keeping the positive momentum of this virtual platform alive.

As of 21 September 2010 I will be hosting the first monthly

Uncaged Birds™ Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio!

Look for a show with an eclectic mix of topics pertaining to issues relevant for women of African descent living and working in Europe. This will be a show by us and about us, so consider this your open invitation to contribute your thoughts and ideas for future shows, as well as possible special guests you’d like to hear from.

Based on the survey results, this is a list of the topics you felt were most relevant, so I will be focusing on them in the near future:

  • Bloggers of African descent writing about the Afro-European experience*
  • Cultural topics relating to the Afro-European community*
  • Subjects relating to professional development for Afro-Europeans**
  • Interviews with women of African descent sharing their experiences of living and working in Europe**
  • Current events from Afro-communities across Europe**
  • Topics related to social activism and intercultural understanding**

To find out more about the show, as well as my first special guest on 21 September, simply click the link above!


* = received votes from 89% of respondees

** = received votes from 78 % of respondees


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