The “Write Stuff”: Assignment 2

Making a Living While Living Your Dream!

Whether you are a student, a full-time mom or a business professional, many of us have a secret dream or special talent that we (still!) don’t have an opportunity to fully express in our lives. Do you realize that somewhere in the world someone is earning money – and increasing the joy and satisfaction in their lives – doing what you only dream about?

Spend 20 – 30 minutes writing about how you could turn your dream or talent into a full- or part-time career. Don’t censor yourself while you write! There are no wrong or right ideas right now, so let your fantasy run free.

When you are finished are finished with this assignment, write a note to yourself to have another look at what you’ve written in a month’s time. Are there any ideas that still resonate with? What would you have to do with those ideas to find out which one has the most “mileage”, and to take that idea from dream to reality?


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