The “Write” Stuff: Assignment 1

Your Earlier Self

We’ve all had one. The dream job we didn’t get… The lover that just didn’t love us back… The golden opportunity that slipped right by us, because we didn’t react quickly and decisively enough. Take a minute to two to think back to that specific time in your life – a time when that problem seemed insurmountable;  the situation too much for you to bear.

Obviously, the world has – successfully! –  moved on.  There were (maybe many) other job, (maybe many) other lovers, and (maybe many) other opportunities. But back then?  We didn’t think it would; didn’t believe it could!

Visualize the woman you were in that situation. What were her fears, her insecurities, her dreams?

From the perspective of the woman you are today, take 20 to 30 minutes to write a letter to that earlier self. Address her shortcomings, but also speak of her strengths. Reassure her that – yes – she will make it. Yes, she will overcome. Yes, she will prevail.

Because – guess what? – she/you did!


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