The Final TableTalk and What Comes Next

Thanks again to all the ladies who were present for last night’s final TableTalk. Thanks to Love Newkirk (Germany) and Yvette Jarvis (Greece) for lending their voices and sharing their experiences and perspectives. Thanks, too, to the ladies in the live chat, who were not only listening in, but also bouncing around their own ideas and experiences amongst themselves.

I love the BlogTalkRadio format for such get-togethers! It’s allowed me to communicate with some women I’ve been connected with via social media in a completely different quality. That got me to thinking… I originally conceived of the TableTalk as being a twice yearly “big topic” event, and I still believe that idea has a lot of merit. But I would hate to lose the momentum we’ve built up already. Several women have tuned in to two out of three TableTalk events – and a few have made it to all three!

Enough of my thoughts and impressions, though. What I’d like to know is YOUR reaction to the three TableTalk sessions! Please take a few minutes to answer these 10 quick questions:

Click here to take the Uncaged Birds™ TableTalk survey

Thanks – and have a wonderful weekend!


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