Recording: Afro-Europe

My thanks go out to Lillian Ogbogoh (UK) and Leticia Pereira dos Santos (I) for their participation in last night’s TableTalk round. Some last minute changes, as well as technical snafus, saw me spending most of the evening talking with Lillian (something I love to do anyway…); Leticia joined us via live chat towards the end of the session. Still and all we covered some interesting ground and took a stab at discussion a topic or two that – I admit – are difficult to broach. Thanks, too, the my online guests, who – with the questions and comments – gave us plenty of food for thought (as well as some new email contacts and Facebook friends!)

Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • How do you self-identify?
  • How do you experience “community” amongst other people of African descent where you live?
  • How is that sense of “community” expressed in different places in the Diaspora?
  • How does the question of “critical mass” influence the lives of people of African descent where you live?
  • What role does day-to-day racism play in your life?
  • How well-represented are people of African descent in public life?
  • What importance was placed on knowledge of Black/African History during your upbringing?
  • What can we do to empower children of African descent living in Europe?

If you were not able to listen in live last night, here is a link to the recording of “No, where do you really come from?” (see: On Demand Episodes)

It’s another long recording – again almost two whole hours. To listen to shorter topical segments, check back under the “TableTalk: The Virtual Round-Table” page.

Once again: Thanks to my panelists and thanks to all the ladies tuning in!


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