Recording: The Expat Talks

Last night’s first TableTalk – The Expat Talks – was a complete joy! Carolyn Vines (whose new book is called “Black and (A)Broad”), Love Newkirk, Harolynne Bobis and (calling in with wisdom and advice from Arizona) Celeste Blackwell shared their eclectic experiences and insights from their lives as Black American women living and working abroad.

Here is a brief list of just some of the topics we covered:

  • What motivated your move abroad and what do you do professionally?
  • How is your daily life impacted by the fact that you are a woman of color?
  • What special provisions do you make for hair and skin car?
  • How does the image of black women where you are compare/contrast with the image of black women in America?
  • How do you deal with the delicate topic of race in raising your children?
  • What’s the dating scene like for single black women?
  • How has being abroad influenced your view of America – incl. the black community in America?
  • How has living and working abroad influenced your own sense of identity as a black woman?
  • What advice would you give to black women considering a move (or simply extended travel) abroad?

If you were not able to listen in live last night, here is a link to the recording of “What’s a nice (Black American) girl like you doing in a place like this?

Because the time seemed to fly (yes, we were all having fun!) it is a long recording – almost two whole hours! That’s why, in the upcoming week, I’ll be editing a series of shorter topical segments and posting them – as well as the complete recording – under the “TableTalk: The Virtual Round-Table” page.

Once again: Thanks to my panelists and thanks to all the ladies tuning in!



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4 responses to “Recording: The Expat Talks

  1. Interesting… and i can understand their feelings.. as I live here in China .. I also feel these things and experiences.

    • Trina

      Glad you had a chance to listen to the recording! I can imagine that some basic sentiments are the same no matter where you live abroad. It’s only when you delve deeper into the details of day-to-day life that the stronger nuances appear.

  2. Gye

    TableTalk is a treasure! I am drinking a toast to you the Host and founder of this most inspiring experience. So looking forward to the next….Peace, Blessings and Love, Gye

    • Trina

      Thank you for your feedback, Gye! It’s wonderful that you had the opportunity to not only tune in, but also to gave us your feedback live! I look forward to your comments on the upcoming shows as well.

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