Sisters in Europe – Who We Are…(2)

Leticia Pereira dos Santos (Italy)

Student, intercultural facilitator, social activist

To find out more about Leticia’s life between Sào Paulo and Turin, watch the short presentation below! (Click “full screen” under the menu option  – bottom left – for better viewing quality).



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8 responses to “Sisters in Europe – Who We Are…(2)

  1. Thanks for joining me in highlighting the lives of Black women in Europe!

  2. Oh, meant to say I’ll cross post all of your Uncaged Birds profiles on BWIE with the link back to you.

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  5. S.B.

    I really enjoyed this. I want for my son and family to grow up in a diverse area but I don’t want them to forget the fight that we must continue to fight for ourselves and for others.

    • Trina

      Thank you very much! I think it’s fine to get out in the world and to enjoy how different life can be for us in other countries. But it’s also important – especially if we plan to spend any length of time in a place – to understand the situation and struggle of those people who look like us who aren’t on holiday there. Privilege isn’t only a factor of skin color, but – if you have the blue US passport – can also be a factor of nationality.

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