Affirmations: Powerful Conversations with Ourselves (5)

TODAY: I will reconnect with my purpose!

I will make sure I’m in sync with my life’s ‘big picture’.


We all know the phrase “you can’t see the forest for the trees“. All of our lives are like that at one time or another. Those are the days (or weeks, or maybe even months) when all we see are the dishes that need to be washed or the bookkeeping that need to be done or the school lunches that need to be packed.  Our noses are pressed so hard to the grindstone of day-to-day living that we either seem to lose track of time or one day simply begins to look just like the other.

BUT: The longer we stay caught up in that rut, the more we lose sight of the WHY in our lives.

Losing touch with our WHY inevitably leads to a disconnect. We no longer move forward with purpose – our eyes steadily on a personal or professional goal. Instead we do things mechanically, as if by rote. No longer the “masters of our Fate”, we allow ourselves to be transformed into marionettes.

Take time this week to (re-)connect with your WHY!

What’s the big picture that you are painting with your life? Do you do something each and every day that adds color, depth and detail to that picture? If so, how can you maintain the course (or even step it up a notch)? If not, why not?

By being honest with yourself about your personal WHY, you not only honor even the smallest steps you take towards fulfilling your purpose. You also give yourself a much-needed opportunity to realign your steps to make sure you actually live according to it.



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2 responses to “Affirmations: Powerful Conversations with Ourselves (5)

  1. My ultimate goal is to become a motivational speaker and an author. I am starting to write in my journal each day so I can capture my thoughts. As for the speaking, I am not Each day I want to better myself. I love to learn and seek knowledge where ever I go.

    • Trina

      Thanks for sharing, Renelda. Congratulations on your journaling efforts. Maybe our upcoming journaling event in August will be something for you?

      What can you do to jump-start the speaking part?

      –> What churches/women’s or youth groups/community organizations are there in your area, that would benefit from your message?

      –> How can you approach them with an exciting idea that would energize their target group and add value to their overall mission

      –> What can you do TODAY to reach out to an organization and/or shortlist some topics you’d like to speak on?

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