Affirmations: Powerful Conversations with Ourselves (4)

TODAY: I will find something to laugh about!

Not something – or someone – to laugh at! I realize that the gift of laughter makes my heart sing.


If you are like me, you are more than ready for the warm weather and sunshine that has finally come our way here in Europe. All the rain and low temperatures had begun to (negatively!) impact my peace-of-mind – and my sense of humor. Things I laughed loudly about in the sun yesterday would most likely have only gotten a sarcastic sneer from me two or more weeks ago.

Why is that?

It takes work to see the lighter, more humorous side of life when the sky is gray and we’re wrapped up in three layers of clothing! And the longer the mood is drab and dreary, the more difficult is it for us to convince ourselves to put in that work to find humor in even the small things in life.

So, as long as the sun is shining – laugh! Loud, long and lusty!

Let your laughter rock your body and shake the chill out of your bones.  Open yourself – and your soul – to the sun’s warm rays and the carefree  lightness of a good joke or a funny sight (right now I’m watching one of my dachshunds roll around on his back in the mowed grass).

Who knows… when the drab weather comes around again, maybe you’ll have stored up enough sunshine inside to see you through!


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