“Five Coaching Questions about…FEAR”

(Update: Click to listen to my powerfully open interview with Lillian!)

As some of you know, I do a monthly internet radio show called “Five Coaching Questions about…” where I invited international business professionals to talk about key drivers in their lives/careers. In tonight’s show I will be talking with Waking Passions host, Lillian Ogbogoh, about the key life driver she chose – fear.

In the weeks and months that I have known Lillian, our relationship has developed from that of virtual cooperation partner towards a strong professional sisterhood. Lillian was one of the first people I shared my ideas for this program with, for example, and I look forward to her continued input and support as it continues to develop and grow.

Feel free to join Lillian and I as we talk about the transformational power of fear tonight at 7.30pm CET. The dial-in number to be a part of the live conversation is: +1-646-716-7671. You can also listen live via the internet or – later – listen to/download the recording.

Lillian and I are looking forward to your questions and comments!



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6 responses to ““Five Coaching Questions about…FEAR”

  1. first.. I didnt know you had a radio show and second.. can you send me the link.. maybe I will be able to listen or download it from China. Hopefully.. they do block a lot of things here. I am excited to hear this one… by the way.. I am motivated by.. praise…

  2. I am so excited.. however.. your show comes on at 1:33am.. where I am.. and I am going to have to get some sleep.. so I will miss it.. however.. it isnt blocked so I will be able to listen to the recorded one .. right? Thanks for hooking me up.

    • Trina

      I understand about needing your sleep! 🙂 Yes, you can listen to the recorded version – all the previous ones in the series. For example: Carolyn Vines (“Discipline”) we be one of the women on the panel for the first TableTalk!

  3. Renelda

    False evidence appearing real. I did not know the layout of it besides the normal terminology. I just finish listening to the blogtalk radio. I still battle it. I am 29 years old and I am panicing on my future. I do know what to do but I do not know how to get there. I do not want to be a status quo at all. I agree with Lilian about being independent like not needing a man to take care of me or others doing things for me. I do have fear because I have fear of asking. I love the questions you posed her and how you listen and pause to her answers.

    • Trina

      Thank you very much for your feedback – and your openness, Renelda. I think we all battle fear at some times in our lives – and maybe that’s a good thing. It only becomes dangerous when it stops us from getting all we can out of life, as well as giving all we can. I think Lillian’s candor was brilliant. Her story contains a valuable lesson for all of us: Being single-mindedly independent and myopically self-reliant makes it difficult for us to “connect” with people. And if we fail to truly connect with the people around us, we lose out on a lot of the most valuable things in life!

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