Did you know…

…that as of today


75 % of the women who responded would like this site/blog to be completely in English, while 25 % would like in English and German!

Expat Talks

Of the women who’ve responded so far, 33 % would like to hear about expat life in Germany while each of the other selections got an equal share of 16.7 % of the vote.


Each of the following group coaching topics has received 30 % of the vote from the ladies who’ve voted so far:

  • Supersize me! Daring to dream…plan…manifest BIGGER
  • Down, but definitely not out: Developing effective strategies to overcome (temporary!) defeat!

The topic:

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Developing personal tactics to combat stereotypes and day-to-day prejudice

has received 20 % of the vote so far.

  • Sisters ‘n Business: Networking, brainstorming and strategizing for success!
  • Taking the Leap: The ABC’s of Going Into Business for Yourself

have both received 10 % of the vote so far, while

  • COMPASS: Strategies for living between cultures

has received no votes.

Have you made your voice heard? If not, by clicking the relevant subtitle in this entry you can go back to the poll and cast your vote!



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2 responses to “Did you know…

  1. how do you vote…? I want to get in on the action

    • Trina

      Hello! Welcome to the site and thanks for your interest. Simply click whichever subtitle is relevant for you, and it will take you to the page with the respective poll. Take care!

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