Affirmations: Powerful Conversations With Ourselves (1)

TODAY: I will be patient while waiting!

Not inactive. Not unprepared. Just patient. I will practice ‘active waiting’.


“If you realized how powerful
your thoughts are, you would
never think a negative

(Peace Pilgrim)

Affirmations are an extremely powerful tool when used to focus our mental/spiritual energy to achieve a positive shift in mind-set and belief. Affirmations point our thoughts towards all things constructive and empowering, and leads them away from negativity and defeatism.


Function: noun
Date: 15th century

1 a : the act of affirming b : something affirmed : a
positive assertion


I want to select the upcoming weekly affirmations to address relevant sectors of our lives. They are something to read and reflect on briefly at the beginning of our day.  If you feel the need to refer back to an affirmation during your day, that’s fine. If not…that’s fine, too! Once you’ve read it, it will stay with you subconsciously. At the end of each day (or at the end of the week), reflect on how that specific affirmation may (or  may not!) have guided your awareness, your thoughts and your actions.

Do you already work with affirmations? If so, what has been your experience with them?

Feel free to share your favorite, most meaningful aspirations with our readers here!




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2 responses to “Affirmations: Powerful Conversations With Ourselves (1)

  1. Renelda

    Positive affirmation is what we need. I never glued it because I was to busy being negative. My mentor wanted me to keep a weekly diary of my journey to finding myself and emphaizes to me the power of a positive mind.

    • Trina

      Yes, Renalda. It’s too easy for us to get ourselves into a rut due to negative self-talk. often we don’t even realize just how much/often we trip ourselves up by setting our sights on the failure right from the start.

      I was actually just thinking about this a few minutes before I saw your comment. I was thinking about someone referring to a group of people as “the enemy” (you’ll excuse me if I don’t go into that particular subject today). If I consider people my “enemy” from the onset, I’ve already predetermined the quality of our interaction in a way the will always be disadvantageous for myself.

      I am very much in favor of the journaling idea. One of the things in the works for Uncaged Birds™ is a special 2-part journaling program for the fall.

      You heard it first! 🙂

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