Who We Are…


I want to help us all get our stories told!

That’s why I’d like to spotlight a different woman and her story each week!

If you:

  • are involved in community-related projects or services
  • are a dancer or choreographer
  • are a passionate blogger about (among other things) your Afro-European experience

or you:

  • own your own business
  • are an educator or social worker
  • are an (about-to-be) published author


  • work as a community organizer
  • work as a musician, composer or singer
  • have a product or service that is community-related

I want to hear from you!

Although there are already some excellent sites out there providing us with a platform to share our work and passions with the Afro-European community at large (kudos to Black Women in Europe, African Women in Europe, and Woman of the African Diaspora, just to name only three)…

…the more opportunities we have to tell and share our stories, the better!

If you fit into one of the above categories* and would like your work or project to be highlighted – or you’d like to suggest someone to be highlighted (!) – just pass on your contact information below…


* Yes, also feel free to suggest another category!


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