5 Things Curious Minds Want To Know…


I’m very exciting about the first event on the Uncaged Birds™ roster, namely TableTalk: The Virtual Round Table.  These interview sessions will give women of African descent a chance to not only share and compare their personal stories, but to also touch bases with other women with both similar and different experiences.

This year’s first session – The Expat Talks: or “What’s a nice (Black) American girl like you doing in a place like this?” – turns the spotlight on a very specific group of women. Namely those African-American ladies who – following the call of academics or employment or romance – have unpacked their bundle here in Europe for an indefinite amount of time. Because this is also my own personal story, it’s one that I’m especially curious about – and also the reason why I decided to begin with this topic.

–> Have you already voted on the expat countries you’re most curious about?

This session – just like all the other sessions – may have a special focus, but is open to any woman of African descent who wants to know more about the topic and the personal experiences of the ladies on the panel.

That includes you, if you are:

  • an expat (not necessarily from the U.S.) who’d like to know how other women deal with the challenges of living and working abroad; either in the same country where you now live or in another European country.
  • a woman of African descent considering traveling and/or working abroad (esp. Europe)
  • a women of African descent in any country who could not imagine uprooting herself/her family to live abroad
  • a women of African descent who was born/has grown up in Europe and is interested in hearing more about another group’s perspective (btw: we’ll be highlight this group of ladies in the 2nd session!)

If you belong to any of these groups, I certainly want your input so that (at least some of ) your questions can be answered. That’s why you’ll have the opportunity to dial-in live or ask questions via live chat on the evening of the event.

You also have the opportunity…

…to post your questions right here in the comment section! I will be integrating at least five of the questions you post below into my outline for the evening.

So, ladies:

What are the Top 5 Questions curious minds want to know?


P.S.: Three days after going “live” with Uncaged Birds™ I am still a little overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to congratulate me on my 5 year business anniversary and the launch of  Uncaged Birds™. Thanks, too, to everyone who has contacted me directly or visited the site, as well as everyone who has already subscribed to the site.



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4 responses to “5 Things Curious Minds Want To Know…

  1. Renelda

    1) What is considered being legal to avoid deportation?

    2) Since I have my masters, Can I really make a career based in europe which can be difficult due that I am minority and a woman?

    3) Is their a community that i can belong to once I move to europe?

    • Trina

      Thank you, Renelda! There is no fixed number of questions you can come up with. I just want to motivate people to share the questions that are on their minds!

  2. Glenda Caldwell

    What is priority one to each woman according to where she lives?

    • Trina

      Thank you for your question, Glenda! Is there any specific area of their lives you’re more interested in than others?

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