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Sisters in Europe – Who We Are…(1)

Noah Sow (Germany)

Journalist, musician, author, producer, activist

To find out more about Noah and her three passions, watch the short presentation below! (Click “full screen” under the menu option  – bottom left – for better viewing quality).



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Affirmations: Powerful Conversations with Ourselves (4)

TODAY: I will find something to laugh about!

Not something – or someone – to laugh at! I realize that the gift of laughter makes my heart sing.


If you are like me, you are more than ready for the warm weather and sunshine that has finally come our way here in Europe. All the rain and low temperatures had begun to (negatively!) impact my peace-of-mind – and my sense of humor. Things I laughed loudly about in the sun yesterday would most likely have only gotten a sarcastic sneer from me two or more weeks ago.

Why is that?

It takes work to see the lighter, more humorous side of life when the sky is gray and we’re wrapped up in three layers of clothing! And the longer the mood is drab and dreary, the more difficult is it for us to convince ourselves to put in that work to find humor in even the small things in life.

So, as long as the sun is shining – laugh! Loud, long and lusty!

Let your laughter rock your body and shake the chill out of your bones.  Open yourself – and your soul – to the sun’s warm rays and the carefree  lightness of a good joke or a funny sight (right now I’m watching one of my dachshunds roll around on his back in the mowed grass).

Who knows… when the drab weather comes around again, maybe you’ll have stored up enough sunshine inside to see you through!

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“Five Coaching Questions about…FEAR”

(Update: Click to listen to my powerfully open interview with Lillian!)

As some of you know, I do a monthly internet radio show called “Five Coaching Questions about…” where I invited international business professionals to talk about key drivers in their lives/careers. In tonight’s show I will be talking with Waking Passions host, Lillian Ogbogoh, about the key life driver she chose – fear.

In the weeks and months that I have known Lillian, our relationship has developed from that of virtual cooperation partner towards a strong professional sisterhood. Lillian was one of the first people I shared my ideas for this program with, for example, and I look forward to her continued input and support as it continues to develop and grow.

Feel free to join Lillian and I as we talk about the transformational power of fear tonight at 7.30pm CET. The dial-in number to be a part of the live conversation is: +1-646-716-7671. You can also listen live via the internet or – later – listen to/download the recording.

Lillian and I are looking forward to your questions and comments!


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Affirmations: Powerful Conversations with Ourselves (3)

TODAY: I will face the person in the mirror with enthusiasm!

I know I am ready to be the “me” I was intended to be.


Whether it’s Snow White’s evil stepmother (“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”) or a Michael Jackson hit (“I’m starting with the man in the mirror“), we’re well aware of that singular moment of truth: The second when our eyes look into the mirror and find – themselves.

What do you see when you look into the mirror? No, I’m not talking about dry skin, uncombed hair or eyebrows in need of reshaping…

What “you” do you see?

Do you still see yourself in comparison to the person you were three years ago – or to the person you’d like to be three years from now?

Or do you see yourself as “just right” right now – a woman firmly on the road to where she is meant to be?

Next time you stand in front of your mirror, try this simple exercise: close your eyes and take a few deep breaths before opening them to look deeply into your own reflection. Spend a few seconds sorting out what you see there and how you feel about what you see. Then, as you look deeply into your own eyes, greet yourself. Acknowledging that everything you are intended to be is inside you right now. Promise yourself that you’ll do at least one thing that day to move closer to your goals. Then watch as your reflection smiles back at you!

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Did you know…

…that as of today


75 % of the women who responded would like this site/blog to be completely in English, while 25 % would like in English and German!

Expat Talks

Of the women who’ve responded so far, 33 % would like to hear about expat life in Germany while each of the other selections got an equal share of 16.7 % of the vote.


Each of the following group coaching topics has received 30 % of the vote from the ladies who’ve voted so far:

  • Supersize me! Daring to dream…plan…manifest BIGGER
  • Down, but definitely not out: Developing effective strategies to overcome (temporary!) defeat!

The topic:

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Developing personal tactics to combat stereotypes and day-to-day prejudice

has received 20 % of the vote so far.

  • Sisters ‘n Business: Networking, brainstorming and strategizing for success!
  • Taking the Leap: The ABC’s of Going Into Business for Yourself

have both received 10 % of the vote so far, while

  • COMPASS: Strategies for living between cultures

has received no votes.

Have you made your voice heard? If not, by clicking the relevant subtitle in this entry you can go back to the poll and cast your vote!


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The Best Things…

…in life are free!*

What three free things do you count amongst  “the best things in life”?

For me it’s:

  1. The love of my family & friends
  2. The joy of expressing myself creatively; e.g. writing poetry, but also journaling
  3. The peace-of-mind that comes with periods of voluntary solitude!


*click here if you can’t see the video!

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“I’ve always wanted to do that!”

Are you a person who often says: “I always wanted to do that”?

If so, how many of those things you’ve “always wanted to do” have you actually achieved in your personal life or career?

We live in a world where we’ve been conditioned to want a lot of things. But more and more our desire to have or to be something has become disconnected from our willingness to invest a significant amount of time or effort into actually achieving it. When it’s time to face the task of actively pursuing our dreams and turning them into reality, just thinking about or visualizing the process seems overpowering!

The next time you’re tempted to say “I always wanted to do that!” I want you to


and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it exactly that you want to do?
  • How long have you actually wanted to do it?
  • What’s the biggest barrier that’s keeping you from actively pursuing your goal?
  • Have you done anything at all in the last 24 hours to bring you closer to that goal?
  • How would it change your life if you achieved your goal? What would it literally feel like to you?
  • What’s the next step you have to take to turn that dream into a reality?

By asking yourself – and honestly answering – the questions above, you can re-frame the way you think about goals in two very important ways:

  • You can de-clutter. You can free  your mind (and your Spirit!) of all the things you quite honestly don’t really want to do and simply aren’t willing to invest energy in to achieve.
  • You can re-focus. As your list of random “I’ve always wanted to do that!” statements grows shorter and shorter, it’ll will begin to reflect the dreams and goals that truly compliment your life’s purpose. You’ll finally end up with the few important items that will truly make a difference in your life!

Those are the things you’ll actually be willing to invest time and energy into achieving.

Those are the things that make up your heart’s desire.

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