Announcing – TableTalk: The Virtual Round-Table 2010


In less than six weeks the first session of the TableTalk: The Virtual Round-Table will take place! In order to give this kick-off event the right energy and focus to successfully propel us through all three sessions, I’d like to ask for your input right from “square one”.

Please help me make this event a huge success by letting me know your personal opinion on the following (please choose two):

Thank you for participating!




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12 responses to “Announcing – TableTalk: The Virtual Round-Table 2010

  1. i live in china and I am Black American.. why wasnt it on the list… (smile).. i am even married to a local Chinese.. this might be a little interesting you know… ?

    • Trina

      Welcome! I am really happy to have you here, and glad you are becoming involved. This site was just launched on June 1st. In Phase 1 I am concentrating on the two things I know most about 1.) expat life, and 2.) life in Germany.

      The reach of the site will definitely extend as more and more women become involved in the different aspects of the program. You are the 2nd sister in Asia who has reached out to me so far (the other one lives in Korea).

      Please be a part of the family: comment, question, contribute!

  2. I will try to get involved.. there is a pretty big time difference here.. but I will keep in touch.. and try to throw in my little bit of insight.. to the masses…(smile).. thank you again.. and enjoy my site.. i have added yours to my blogroll…

    • Trina

      What exactly is the time difference? I will be adding more sites to the blogroll here, and would love to include yours!

      • Not sure.. but here in China it is 12:30 am.. Saturday morning.. I will be getting myself to bed soon.. since I just finished updating my blog.. and writing a few pages in my book… not enough hours in the day .. I tell you…

        • Trina

          That’s a 6 hr. time different, with us being behind you. Not too, too, bad. I have spent some time over at your blog and loved the massage and hairdresser stories! I’ll continue checking in to keep abreast of your life’s adventures.

  3. Double d

    Hello ladies! I’m so excited about all of this. Have you thought about Iessha from fatjuicyoyter? Her blog is incredible. I’m at a crossroads. I’m a mother of an adult child, and this is ‘my’ time now. I’m ready to create a new life while incorporating the most important people from the old one. You know what’s funny? What is the job market like. What is the social life like for a black woman over 35? What is dating like? This is all new to me, and I’m so ready to go….but first I must calm down and enjoy the journey. How do I work, live, learn and love in a new place? I’m ready…..

  4. You know…I did the same thing….Double d … Dating has changed a lot… from the days when we were younger… they play more games than before.. and it is hard to find what you desire in a man. However, not impossible. You just have to keep all your options open… races, ages, financial levels…. etc. You never know who your next love will be. Look at me… over 40 and married to a 28 year old.. that is Chinese… so you never know.. just enjoy the ride…. oh.. and did I mention i even left the country…. now is your time… there are no limits…. live life.

  5. Trina

    Thank you both for sharing your experience. These are definitely issues to follow up and discuss – either “On the Radio” or as part of “TableTalk”. So many of us are re-inventing ourselves when we reach a certain stage in our lives. And there are peculiar challenges that face us then, whether that new stage in life brings us to Europe or whether we are here when it begins. It would be wonderful to share experiences and talk successful strategies with one another, because confidence in navigating this passage in life is so ultimately important.

    Thanks again for your input!

  6. Double d

    Thank you ladies for your responses! You’re both inspiring. I’m keeping sight of my desires, and moving toward them.

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